Psychotherapy for executives and their relatives

The practice for psychotherapy according to the German Heilpraktikergesetz, led by Dipl.-Psychologist Ansgar Bittermann, sets the focus on persons and their relatives in high-performance environments.

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People in leadership positions and their relatives, who are constantly in the public eye, experience the world differently. With us, you will meet consultants who themselves experience living and working in this environment.

Weakness in powerful positions

Anyone who is constantly in the spotlight and permanently assumes responsibility is expected to do “more”. Psychological disorders and perceived weaknesses are difficult to reconcile with one’s own role…

I'm your partner, not your project

When a partner or parent has a prominent position in the public eye, it also affects how family members interact with each other

Save the world by day, take out the trash by night

The more prominent the role in society, the more important it is to consciously observe one’s family life…

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About Dipl.-Psychologist Ansgar Bittermann

Dipl.-Psychologe Ansgar Bittermann studied at the world’s second oldest psychological institute in Göttingen, specializing in clinical psychology, and wrote his diploma thesis under Professor Grammer at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna. He then worked and taught at the Technical University of Munich, researching how robots can recognize emotions in humans.   

“Offering psychotherapy under the Heilpraktikergesetz to executives and their families came naturally after I saw a gap in many conversations over the years. The social environment, the demands of the role and the accompanying adaptation of the self to the role are special parameters. And this is what I want to pick up on in therapy. When the spouse is responsible for 1000 or even 100,000 people during the day, (experiencing) life is simply different. And where the light shines brightly, the shadows are also more accentuated. “

Diplom Psychologe Ansgar Bittermann